Laguna Beach

I had some downtime out in California, so I headed down to Orange County, where my favorite beaches are.

Music: "Where the Boats go" by m83

Manhattan Beach

Another early morning here on the west coast, but totally worth it!

Music : Awake by Tycho. Again, couldn't think of anything more appropriate than being awake at 530am to catch these amazing shots!


From West Coast to East Coast, I HAD to go out and see what an East Coast Beach looks like up north! Coney island was freezing, but I still wanted to pop the little Mavic up for a few minutes and grab some shots.

Music: "Coastal Brake" by Tycho


During NAB Show this year, we trekked out to the Valley of Fire to explore. Unfortunately thats one of the rare state parks you can't fly drones at. SO... bummer :( 

Anyways, here's some clips of what we DID get to shoot, and thanks to my buddy Alex for introducing me to this rad track by Alt J.

I didn't get to venture to many places this work trip, but I did launch from our rooftop of our airbnb and fly around the famous Alberta Street a little. Saw downtown in the distance! What a great city, will definitely be coming back!