Social media strategy and small business

Managing your new business can be daunting. Often times you're trying to consolidate key personnel, and you end up wearing many hats and doing jobs you either aren't skilled at doing, or aren't passionate about doing. This post is designed to help give you a little bit of strategy on how to tap into your resources to quickly increase your online presence, while not completely consuming all of your time in the process. Let's face it, your time is too valuable. 

The first step is understanding the purpose of having social media accounts, an active website, with a frequently updated blog etc. is to understand how they all correlate to each other. Think of it like this: 

The way your website and social media accounts work is much like nations and embassies. You "own" the domain in which your website lives. Within your website is where all of the action happens: They buy your products, they sign up for subscriptions, they set meetings/appointments, they donate, and the bulk of your online business happens here. 

You need to pay attention to a few key elements when creating your website, because a poorly designed website will turn potential consumers into lost business quickly. Your website is your digital storefront. Would you be okay if your place of business looked like it hasn't been updated since the early 2000s, and is in a state of complete and utter disrepair? What would your consumer experience be like? The same is crucial regarding your website. Ease of use, clean design, and only your best foot forward. You want your website to entice business, not drive it away. After all, this is your "Homeland". Make it stand out! (In a good way, haha) 

Once you have your website built, how do people get there? How do they find out about you? 

That's all done through your "Embassies". Much like the global market, nations own a little slice of property in different countries where they want to use that space to build relationships with people that exist in that nation. Think of your business' Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube accounts as embassies. You don't own those domains, or that online property. However, you have a little slice of space there, like an embassy. If you're just launching your online presence, perhaps its wise to only pick the top TWO "embassies" you want to focus on for starters. I would recommend ones that could have the biggest impact on your business, with the largest pools of potential customers, and that would be Facebook, and YouTube. Again, with the ambassador mindset, which nation would you want to start building relationships with first if you were a new country based on population alone...China, or Greenland? Focusing on Facebook and YouTube will let you have a space to let consumers and potential consumers talk about your brand or product, while YouTube can be a space where you have your own virtual television channel, and be sure to upload it with quality content (which we will cover in a future blog) 

The end game to having embassies, is to point your "global conversation" back to your website. When you post on social media, you need to be encouraging people to take a look at your website, to visit it. Upload frequent blogs, integrate with services like mailchimp or hoot suite to let people know about you every time something big happens, or new products roll out. Stay frequent, and you don't have to spend a billion hours working on it. We will talk in a later blog about post scheduling, frequency of posts, and how to find out the best times of the day to publish content! 

So stay tuned, add my link to your RSS feed, and stay up-to-date on filmmaking and social media strategy tips! I will make every effort to post weekly on Fridays! 

Until next time... 


Chris Hatchett