My every-day camera

Often times, I get asked what my favorite camera is. I've been a Canon guy for the majority of my career, and for pro photo work, that's still the case. However, for photos I take of my family, or just traveling around, my go-to camera that I keep in my laptop bag is the Leica Typ109. It has a small compact form factor, super easy to pull out and have it ready at a moment's notice. 

It is the first MFT sensor camera I've owned, and with a 12.8MP MOS Sensor, capable of shooting 4k Video at 30fps, or full 1080p at 60fps, I can shoot over cranked footage if need be. It's really good in low light as well, and can shoot up to 3200 ISO without much noise. 

This camera also has amazing color science. 

What I love about this type of camera is it's almost as easy to carry around as my iPhone7, (which is my 2nd favorite go-to) thanks to a stylish leather and microsuede Leica carrying case, and is always by my side to capture a stunningly beautiful moment. 

Whatever you use, the best camera is ALWAYS the one you've got with you. 

What's your go-to?

Chris Hatchett