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My name is Chris Hatchett. I’m a hybrid creative based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


I have a passion for telling stories. Since I was a young child in the 80s with my father’s camcorder on my shoulder filming family functions, life, or making our “improved” versions of SNL skits, I was into capturing life as it happened, and weaving it into a story. 

Being able to weave that into a career working with brands to tell stories with both still imaging as well as motion imaging has been my creative highlight for the last part of a decade. 

In a world where everyone is a “creative”, I’ve found the need to diversify my abilities to contribute towards successful productions.

In the Commercial space, I’m not just a “video guy”, but more of a strategic partner. I’m not just interested in a short term relationship with brands, but an ongoing partnership where I can help them use video marketing to grow their business and give tangible ROI’s. 

In the Narrative space, I play in both Production Dept. & Camera Dept. I love the logistics of balancing tight budgets and grandiose ideas from the creative team, and defeating the notion of “no we don’t have the budget to do that.” I almost always find a way. 

Im also a community architect, driven to unite creatives all over the world and educate future filmmakers. I run a brand called Cinemadventure™ dedicated to creating atmospheres of peer-based learning across some of the most breath-taking environments in the world. 


I love defeating the notion of “No we don’t have the budget. I almost always find a way.”

- Chris Hatchett



Dear Creative,

Your dreams could change the world, your passion could light a fire. Your words can move mind over matter, and your story ought to be told. Let’s set your imagination free and wander wherever the road takes us. 

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